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November 2003

Hitler and Such
Post on 11/30/2003 by Quantum Human

Subakh ul kuhar.

There, that's better than that tired old reporter tagline, isn't it? Anyways, here on the last day of vacation (barely) after having had an odd conversation with Kain about Hitler, hate mail, trolls, broomsticks... you get the picture. The staff has been rather scattered over the vacation, but as we come back together some more strange things should be happening. Shizuka should be tossing up some new hate mail sometime soon... you know, shouldn't we be getting NICE mail as well as DEATH mail? Another cosmic mystery. Be that as it may, we here at Domain Kain want to wish all of you a nice physically improbable time-illusion.

Bi-lar kaifa.

I love Easter
Post on 11/27/2003 by Cheesyboy


Just wanted to say hi on this very special day, and tell you to look for a band named "The Postal Service", and their CD, Give Up.

So have fun and remember to have a very Merry Kwanzaa!

Lost in Vermont
Post on 11/25/2003 by Quantum Human

Afternoon, everyone. Quantum Human here, reporting to you live from... well, from the beanbag chair in my basement bedroom. (Okay, I think that reporter line has gotten old already. Please feel free to kick me if I use it again.)

Be that as it may, I had an inspiration this afternoon, and so begins a new chapter in the neverending saga of Domain Kain: the Time Travel Chronicles. Go read the first (short) installment. You'll like it. I liked it. Kain, I'm sure, will like it. Transmetal might be indifferent to it at first, but that's because he's a whiny little baby.

And if you have any suggestions for upcoming chapters of the Chronicles, please feel free to send them to me. QH out.

Who da Man
Post on 11/24/2003 by Cheesyboy


I always deliver. I promised The Pilgrimage, and now I deliver, sort of. The prologue at least. It's gonna kick ass, so check it out.

In other news I have no school because of turkey day! Hazzah for turkey day. But it's not just me, everyone on the staff has off turkey week, so they have no reason to not update! Hazzah for being to lazy to update even though you have nothing else to do!









The Bowels of El Diablo
Post on 11/17/2003 by Quantum Human

Evening, everyone. Your friendly neighborhood... um... quantum... guy... reporting live at the scene of the crime where the guy got... er... stabbed... and stuff. Transmetal's off uploading and linking for your viewing pleasure, so I'm running the news for today. He's going to give me the links in a second, so for now, we'll just talk about what's going on. Just finished another story, random one about penguins. New people on the site - well, one new person - Shizuka, he's our hate-mail firewall. I didn't realize Kain took so much flak from conservative Christians equating the VG character "Kain" with the Biblical fratricidal maniac "Cain." I suppose it's only to be expected, though.

Yep, any minute now, I'll get those links to you... any minute now... you know it.

Yay! Now on the the linking stuff. Spotlite's posted a new story entitled Weeeee! or some similarly iterated exclamation. And feast your eyes on rookie DK member Shizuka's very first hate mail response.

Methinks that's all the business for this day. Goodnight, safe journey, au revoir, don't forget your toothbrush, etc., etc.

Legacy of Kain: Defiance!
Post on 11/13/2003 by Kain


Kain, here. I'm going to comment on the worst game I have ever played...right after I talk about LoK: Defiance. Legacy of Kain has always been my favorite series. Never have I played a series with such an incredible story. The gameplay was great in Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, but it seemed to deteriorate in later incarnations, that is, until Legacy of Kain: Defiance. This has been commonly compared to Devil may Cry. Well, cry little devil because Defiance whooped your ass. This game is incredible. The power, the speed, the Reaver, the blood/souls, everything about this game is great. Don't believe me? Play it. Don't agree with me? I could care less. All you have to do is give it a chance. The game rocks. Now, on to the worst game I ever played...

The worst game I have ever played came out recenlty. I'll have to talk more later. Sayonara.

Happy Defiance Day!
Post on 11/12/2003 by Transmetal

Happy Defiance Day! As those of you who pay attention know, that we here at Domain Kain are more or less fans of Legacy of Kain. Hell, we (or at least Kain) celebrated the launch of Blood Omen 2. So we celebrated this one too, by buying lots of copies and reading the comics several times. Hell, even I managed to beat all the previous games as of 12:30 this morning. From what we've played so far... It's alot like Devil May Cry... except with Kain / Raizel. Thus, it is good. The battle engine works beautifully, and throwing people off bridges is waaaaaay too much fun.

Instead of writing a review of Matrix Revolutions (I personally came away with mixed feelings), a parody was written by the name of Cheesy Boy Clones. And once again we have a top notch addition by our resident trench coat wearing artimed Spotlite. His new story Drop is a bit more serious than previous submissions, but still just as good. So, enjoy! Oh, and don't forget to go out and get your copy of Legacy of Kain: Defiance. That would be a mistake.

Matrix Revolutions
Post on 11/8/2003 by Transmetal

Tonight, a good majority of the staff members will be making their way to the local theatre, in an attempt to watch Matrix Revolutions. I say attempt, because... well.. actually, we WILL see Matrix revolutions. Kain will probably bring his sword along just to make sure we get good seats, or at least to make sure HE gets good seats. Anyway, today's update contains the usual Game Awards update. Yeah, nominees are ALMOST DONE. Also of interest is a story about BarbieBoy's Birthday, which despite being about a week late still seemed good enough to post up. That's about it for today, maybe we'll even have a Matrix Revolutions review next time (assuming we aren't too lazy). Enjoy!

I'm back!
Post on 11/5/2003 by CheesyBoy



That's right, after my extended unintended hiatus, I'm back and just as okay as ever. And I'm not alone, I bring with me a new story, Bound to Happen. It details my greatest fear, being killed naked in bed!

It's all I got for you today, but more is on it's way. To be specific, I'm going to be writing a truly epic story called The Pilgrimage, in which me, Kain, and Transmetal are hoofin it to Japan. Even across oceans? No, we hook up with pirates for that shit.


You know you love me.


The BIGGEST update... EVER
Post on 11/1/2003 by Transmetal

Yup, I found a way out of the basement. No thanks to Kain and Wolfbane. So, seeing as it's been a few weeks since I've updated, I figured I'd give you guys quite a treat. This is the SINGLE BIGGEST update we've ever done, and quite possibly will ever do. Lets start with the game awards updates. After a brief hiatus, we're continuing to upload the nominees, with today's nominees being "Worst Series" and "Worst Voice Acting". I think we're something like, half way there. Click here to see 'em.

Next on the list in reviews. Today we have another review by Quantum Human, on Combat... something something. I forget the name. It's for Atari VCS though! Oh, and lets not forget Biosoldier's first editorial in a long time (perhaps ever?). It's entitled Is Life Fair?. Ok... What else... Oh right, the stories. We have two stories that've just been updated. The Volunteer Fire Fighters by Kain, and Of Psychology and Pencils by Transmetal. And... and... When was the last time we posted up a new comic/image piece? Quite some time, and today we have a new Media update by Spotlite.

The most important update, among others, is that obviously all last month's news has been archived. This means a new Pic of the month, game of the month, and the triumphant return of "Jabox4's Words of Wisdom". Game of the Month should require NO explanation, seeing as we're all big LOK fans and Defiance comes out this month. The Pic of the month is in homage to Kain's The Volunteer Fire Fighters. Jabox4's words of wisdom are a bit of an injoke... Essentially, Jabox4 kept repeating these words while Biosoldier was over (playing... Halo?) and apparently it annoys him to no end. Excellent. So, enjoy!