--Is Life Fair?--

Written by: Biosoldier

I guess life isnít always fair, but on the other hand shouldnít there be at least some perks? Well there are some, but most of us are just too thickheaded, self-centered, or take it for granted to notice. I remember one time when I just thought to myself that this isnít fair, or why me. I usually think about that concerning my ADD, OCD, and ODD. Why do I have all three? Why canít I just get away with only having one of them? All the medication changes and blood tests really piss me off. Not to mention the damn shrink I have to visit for therapy, it is like she tries to push my buttons just to see what it takes to piss me the hell off! Goddamn it, just thinking about it is really irking me!

Well I finally found out why I have to be the one to enjoy the frickin wonders of ADD, OCD, and ODD... Because if it wasnít me it would be someone else, so they decided to f*ck me up. Yeah, he wonít mind all the medications, the 100 plus pounds of pills over the past 15 frickin years! Well I donít like it and neither does my family, life is hard and whoever decided I should be f*cked up should be dragged out into the street and shot. Shot I say, all those wrinkled ass sniffing gopher whores!

Sorry I just go carried away sort of, that sort of thing really bothers me. Truthfully life just hands random crap to everybody and I got the crappiest hand.

Thank you.