Post on 11/24/07 by Transmetal

Um, things happened and uh... the page is sorta different. Huh, there's an ad up there. Been a while since I've seen one of those. I guess Jabox4 went in and made the site look non crappy, which was nice of him.

Concerning updates, I've just uploaded Biowulf Pt.1. Happy Thanksgiving!

Post on 7/28/07 by Transmetal

The main page was getting a little crowded, so all posts from 2005 have been archived. Now a quick word. Never play Transformers: The Game. I'd write a review, were it not for the following two reasons. First, I can't find the reviews section on the site. Second, it's not worth the time writing a paragraph on.

So here's the game in one sentence. It controls like a flipper baby on a bike, and is composed mostly of collecting "hidden" shiny cubes all located on the tops of almost every fucking building of the entire game map.

Post on 7/21/07 by Cheesy Boy

Merry fucking July 21.



is very


Post on 11/05/06 by Jabox4

Kain wanted me to post to mention that he may not be able to update for a while since he's having problems connecting to the ftp site.

Post on 10/17/06 by Kain

Wee. Tripod is letting me post again! After about a week of telling me that this "service is temporarily not in service." Hurray. New Prophetic Lies on the way. I'm not at my own computer right now and I don't have remote access. So it will be up soon...provided Tripod isn't just teasing me by leting me update now.

Post on 9/30/06 by Kain

Chapter 4 is here. Chapter 4 of Prophetic Lies. I am already working on Chapter 5 so that should be up shortly. Be patient. I'M NOT A MACHINE!

You readers must be getting kind of sick of me by now. Well, I'm trying to someone else to post updates as well, but it doesn't seem to be happening any time soon. People are too busy. Of course, I'm busy too, but I also have a habit of ignoring work...

In other news, the friend of this site, Fo Master Flex, has a birthday today. Happy birthday FMX. Your present is my outstanding debt. Enjoy.

Post on 9/27/06 by Kain

Okay, I have decided to scrap the editorial. No matter how I wrote it, it was boring. maybe if I get really angered by something you'll end up seeing one from me, but right now, I find them boring. So instead, I have posted a new story. Here it is, Group Therapy.

I'm still working on the reworks of Prophetic Lies. I have a lot of time tomorrow after classes that I expect to be spending on Prophetic Lies. That all depends on how much time I take to study for my multiple tests on friday though. I'll keep you posted.

Post on 9/25/06 by Kain

So as it turns out, my possible lack of internet over the weekend turned out to be completely true. A new story is up now, though It is not exactly as I first wanted it to be. It is slightly shorter and more to the point. Think of it as a bad day in college. Appropriately entitled I Hate Papers.

I'll try to have Chapter 4 of Prophetic Lies up by the end of this week. I do have an editorial coming at you guys in a couple of days though. I don't want to give you guys any info on what its about in case something goes horribly wrong like it did this weekend.

Post on 9/22/06 by Kain

You guys are no doubt noticing the lack of new story. You also no doubt expect an explanation for such. I am here to give said explanation. You see, I had a story ready for what should have been yesterday's update. Unfortunately, as of last disappeared. it is no longer on my hard drive. I can't find it. I even looked through every single document I have and nothing. I know this sounds like just some excuse, but I assure you...I'm telling the truth. If I were just slacking off, I would have said that. I rather liked that story too. Anyway, as soon as I get that story retyped, I will post it up. I don't have steady access to a computer this weekend, but I'll do my best to get it up by saturday.

In other news...oh, nevermind.

Post on 9/20/06 by Kain

It occurs to me that I never put an update on the site for a truly tragic day in gaming and general voice acting history. Tony Jay, a prominent voice actor in my favorite gaming series Legacy of Kain, passed away on August 13th, 2006. He was an amazing voice actor and will be missed. My condolences to his family and friends. May he rest in piece.

A new story will be posted tomorrow. I know, a little later than I said, but I have two papers due tomorrow and they take priority. Also, I spent way too much time talking to some girls in my dorm building. Sorry, I screwed up. I'll try to do better.

Post on 9/18/06 by Kain

I've decided to take a break from Prophetic Lies for a week so here's a small story to tide you over. Don't read it expecting a grand story. Read it expecting a pointless one. The title is very fitting. A Pointless Night. High Expectations will be your downfall. But don't worry, since I've taken the week off from Prophetic Lies, you'll get another story tomorrow or wednesday and a third at some point in the near future if I'm not tired.

Post on 9/11/06 by Transmetal

Chapter 3 is here. Except it's neither prophetic nor filled with lies. I spread only the truth. And the truth is that I haven't updated DK Community Service for... uh... a very long time.

Kain managed to post on 9/9/06 and someone managed to NOT commemorate the birthday of the single greatest moment in gaming! Dreamcast is now a grand 7 years old, still alive... er... dead and kicking. I'm going to take this moment to leave my office where I have been pretending to work for the past four hours.

Post on 9/9/06 by Kain

Chapter 3 is here. Chapter 3 of Prophetic Lies. I've gotten a couple questions as to why I'm uploading Prophetic Lies in such a short time frame. Well, I've decided that you guys have waited long enough as it is, so I'm uploading them pretty much as I'm finishing the rewrites. I believe the story itself is better. And there is much more character interaction than before. if you guys want to see the original versions of the chapters, they might be uploaded once I finish with the rewrites. No promises on that. I'm not sure I want the originals to be released. guess we'll wait and see.

You guys should be treated to some content from Trans pretty soon. He's continued his Community Service series which he hasn't written for...two years now? Well, I'm sure you guys will enjoy it.

Alright, so I'm a big fan of fighting games. Really...a big fan. I remember that the first games I ever really got into were fighting games. The first game I ever played was Rocky on the Master System. The first game I loved was Mortal Kombat. And thus, I've played every Mortal Kombat ever made that was on a non-handeld system. So, knowing this, you can imagine my excitement for Mortal Kombat Armageddon. If anyone wants to face me via X BOX live between the 10th and 13th, send me an e-mail with your gamertag and I'll send you an invite. Though, I can't guarrentee you'll actually be facing me, it's a probability of 98% that you will be. Catch ya later.

Post on 9/5/06 by Kain

New story up. Chapter 2 of Prophetic Lies. I hope you all enjoy it. I have reworked it a bunch of times so that the story works better. Hopefully, it paid off.

In other news, I must send my condolences to Steve Irwin's family for their loss. It is always sad when a person dies. Especially a person who was so full of life and adventure. May he rest in peace.

Post on 9/4/06 by Kain

Here's the wonderful deal on what is happening with the site. Nothing. Nothing has been happening to the site for a long time. I'm hoping to change this, but it will take much time. I assure you that I can get at least one story up per week starting in a week or two, but first I must plead those who still may linger and see this site every now and then that all of us are in college and have trouble finding the time to nuture the site as well as go to school and work at a paying job. I'll get DK back to being a respectable site as soon as possible.

In other news, I must send my condolences to Steve Irwin's family for their loss. It is always sad when a person dies. Especially a person who was so full of life and adventure. May he rest in peace.

Post on 8/31/06 by Kain

Alright, the site has been updated, but not with new content. I am finding it difficult to finish the story I have been working on for the past year. I don't want to make excuses but i will anyway. A lot of issues has happened with me in the past year and I am still trying to recover from them. Nothing physical mind you, I wasn't in a plane filled with snakes or anything like that. It's all more of an emotional and spiritual problem. I believe I have finally sorted things out for myself and can now start writing again. however...i have come to a revelation that I can't ignore. Prophetic Lies, though basically crap. I am currently working on my fifth revision to the story. I apologize to the one or two people who actually still glance at this site every now and then when they meant to look at a different site.

My spiritual issue has left me with no other alternative but to make a drastic change. Shadow and I have been in a serious disagreement in the past few months and this has unfortunately lead to Shadow leaving us at DK. There are no hard feelings between either party and I wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors. Perhaps, some day in the future, he can send us some content as a guest or, better yet, rejoin us. We'll see what the future has to come.

Post on 3/14/06 by Transmetal

Happy birthday website! You're now a pathetic 3 years old. Or is it four? Damned if I can remember.

In honor of a)Domain Kain's belated birthday b)Pi Day we have the grand anti-climatic ending to Cheesy Boy's The Pilgrimage... Letter F. I'd promise more updates and potentially even a Domain Kain movie that's going into production soon... but I'd just be lying... or would I be lying about the lying? The world may never know.

Post on 1/29/06 by Cheesy Boy

The first story put up in over a month! Ha, not that it matters. None of you are listening at this point. I might as well print it out and throw it out the window. Not that I can, stupid ass dorm windows don't open completly. Fuck all of you and your dunken fat boy prof window.

I'm the KING!


... and if there were people in the void I would ask them to bow down before me, but there aren't any, cause it's a void

REGARDLESS! I still kick ass!


Hail me.

Post on 1/15/06 by Cheesy Boy

Hey, just because it's the 15th doesn't mean this isn't the first post of the new year. I just wanted to make it look like I was doing something dispite the fact that I have nothing to post. But I guess I should say something, other than I have nothing. Ohh! Ohh! I know, I could tell you my favorite game of 2005. That has to be Digital Devil Saga 1 & 2, hands down. Dispite the fact that the game is more linear then a line, The story and increadably refined battle system make this one of my favortie games of all time.

My favorite game of all time though is water polo.

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