"Domain Kain is a site that will take the internet rock bottom and even lower! Actually, I think we could only get six feet under." - Kain

Domain Kain is what we like to call a "unique" website, containing quality (or lack there of) stories, humor, and random insanity from the minds of the staff. The point to this site is simple, this is where Kain and his friends/lackies go to express themselves and make others laugh. We aren't here to make fun of the Arab nations, the Canadians, or the Dutch. We're not into that sort humor. If we do insult anyone, it is only in fun and we hope you don't take it personally.

"Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, it turns out that our combined IQs rival that of a Penguin. Not that we're insulting the Penguin or anything..." - Transmetal

The design of the site is meant to be as simple as the minds of it's creators. The current version is basically a CSS menu / header courtesy of Jabox4, with text below it. If you can't find stuff from older versions of the site, too bad, we probably don't know where it is either.

"My dream has always been to have a shrine to find the perfect place to rest my mind...with this site, I declare...GET OFF THE CHANDELIER TRANSMETAL!!!" - Kain