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Welcome to the E-mail box section. The general idea of this section is that the reader sends us questions/comments/whatever about the site or anything videogame/anime/whatever related. We will then, in turn, answer. But this can only work if all of you out there send us some e-mail! Bring 'em on!

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Color Key


Dear Transmetal,

What the fuck happened to the site? Seriously man.


Dear Transmetal,

I dunno, you tell me. You seem to check it more often than I do.

- Transmetal


Dear Kain,

You seem to have quite a good staff of writers. Have you thought about publishing some of your stuff? If you have, don't bother. You all don't have a bit of talent in you. Sure your stories are entertaining, but you'll never be anything but nameless internet hacks that don't know the slightest thing about good writing. I however am a good writier and have had many of my works be requested to be put on a editorial site. I write good, you don't. Simple. Bet I'm in better shape then they are too.


Dearest Dumb Fuck,

Know what pisses me off? Assholes. Know what pisses me off more? People who decide to brag about their skill in a certain medium (i.e. writing) and, at the same time, show themselves to be total fucking idiots. I'm in a real foul mood right now, and the last thing that I want to deal with is some cockbiter who seems to think that since his Warcraft 3 fanfiction was "accepted" at and got three comments, as follows:

That he can suddenly trample over people who actually spend time on what they do. Whatever fucking happened to doing stuff for fun, Hardcoar? Did you lose sight of that part of language somewhere along in Asshole Boot Camp? I write because I enjoy writing. If I didn't enjoy writing, I wouldn't write. I occasionally write to entertain others, because I enjoy entertaining others. That is the purpose of this site - to ENTERTAIN. Not to provide some playground for dumb fucks like you to waltz in and go, "oh u all sux0r I am teh 1337 wr173r!!!!!11" I'd like to know what kind of a dumb ass you are that you decide to send an inflammatory letter without proofreading it first to find such OBVIOUS FUCKUPS as "writier." Are you dumb, or just plain stupid? And whoever said that the people posting on this website even WANT to be published? Look beyond the teensy-weensy bulge in your pants and get the fuck over yourself, ass-wipe. If the quality of your writing is reflected in this letter, I can pretty much safely say that, were, I an editor looking at it, you would go straight into the bottom of the "SHIT" pile.


P.S. Tell you what, Hardcoar, since you "write good" and we don't, why don't you send us a sample of your writing so we can find out what good writing from someone who does have a bit of talent? I expect something back. After all, ye of tiny penises can hardly wait to compensate by making other people feel bad, right?

P.P.S. I'd bet that our webmaster could beat you up with ease.

P.P.P.S. Do you know that "P.S." stands for "Post Script"?

P.P.P.P.S. Thank your mother for me, by the way - love that group discount.

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