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Post on 12/24/05 by Transmetal

It's that time of year for Xmas related stories! This year my gift to you is Gift Night. No bearded men in red suits were hurt during the writing of this story.

Also from previous years we have such delicacies as Quantum Humans' The Night Before Xmas, my Eggnog and Xmas picture book, Kain's Remenants of a Domain Kain Xmas and last but not least Biosoldier's Jingle Bells.

On a side note, I wish my opinion to be known that Gamespot's Best of '05 awards is complete bullshit. Am I the only that feels like they were simply LISTING as many games as possible? I must've missed the part where game qualifying depended on the amount of unmarked bills appearing on Gamespot's doorstep. Personally, the only game this year I would slap an award onto would be Psychonauts. I fucking loved that game, why haven't you bought it yet? Does originality and quality make you gag a little? Go back to playing NFL Hitz Blitz Pimp Simulator 2005, aka the same fucking game that's been around for years in the real world.

Alright I'm out, I'm going to let someone else do the next update so you guys don't get too accustomed to seeing d9d919 color font! Merry Xmas!

Post on 12/17/05 by Transmetal

Finals are finished, boredom has begun to set it. As a result some news posts were archived, the news archive was made viewable again, and the community section got cleaned up. Speaking of which, Domain Kain did some more community service today! We cleaned up a bit of corruption so you citizens can all leave happier lives. I'm off to go eat more holiday junk food, later all.

Post on 12/04/05 by Cheesy Boy

I don't need sleep! Who says I do? Fuck you! You know what I need? To be left the fuck alone? Soda... I also need soda! Fuck off what do you know? Maybe I function better when I don't sleep? Did you ever think of that? I'll answer that for you, no! No you didn't. You know why? Because your a self centered egotistical a**hole! That's right! I said it. Maybe only 71.42857% of it, but it was said and can't be taken back.

Yeah I uploaded a story, but I'm not going to link to it. Why? Because your a dick!

Post on 11/19/05 by Transmetal

Kain, Cheesy, and Transmetal's Pilgrimage to Japan continues in "Three Men And a Coconut", or as it's actually titled The Word of B.O.O.. Instead of running this series into the ground, I now plan merely to distort Cheesy's image and claim it to be my own. Then once I realize how bad it is, I'll promptly claim it to be his (again).

In other news, and with many appologies to Spotlite, I've finally uploaded Stapler, which he sent me back around Christmas of 2004. As a matter of fact, we still have no idea where he is.

Instead of drinking all sorts of intoxicating liquids this evening I'll likely be working on parts of the site. I don't really know what (i.e. I'm dealing with the community section), but that's how the cookie crumbles, or should I say, the baker burns. *evil laugh*

Post on 11/17/05 by Kain

Ok, we're still in the process of gathering staff and trying to fix this hybrid monster of ours. The updates might be once every week or so until I can get a full staff. Of course, I will do my best to get stories up as soon as possible, but with only a four person staff right now, it's hard. Expect a new chapter in Prophetic Lies to appear in about a week and a half. As far as Pilgramige is concerned, I haven't a clue. Transmetal is busy with college matters and Cheese probably hasn't seen the light of day in a few months. I have few ways of contacting Shizuka but we aren't getting much mail anyway...hint, hint, nudge, nudge...I should be busy with college work, but forgot what was due long ago. Anyway, I'll be trying to fix the site problems and hopefully everything will be back to normal soon...the normal of when we were working on the site, not the normal of when the site us.

Post on 11/11/05 by Cheesy Boy

When I saw that nothing had been happening on the page I was outraged! Of course by outrage I mean completely apathetic. I have better things to do then talk to you! I have finals because RIT runs on trimesters, so fuck off, stop bothering me and get a job. Your mother and I are very disappointed in you.

Post on 11/02/05 by Transmetal

Have you ever jumped a shark before? Worry not, we'll do the jumping for you. Here's the continuation of Cheesy Boy's The Pilgrimage. And yes, the site is now the bastard child of multiple html and css formats. I'd cry for you, but I don't care.

Post on 11/01/05 by Kain

A long time ago, I told the readers of Domain Kain that I was working on a title story by the name of "Prophecy." Well, here's the first chapter of the title story "Prophetic Lies." It's been a long time coming so I hope you enjoy chapter one.

Post on 10/31/05 by Cheesy Boy

I am happy to annouce that I am no longer aithist. I have found a God, and am a man of the cloth. I invite you all to repent your sinful ways and follow the one true light!

Post on 10/30/05 by Cheesy Boy

It's true! I'm a ghost, a lie, a figment of your imagination. Do I exist or have my parents been lying to me my whole life? You decide America!

... you know if you want to. It's not like I'm going to force you to decide. Plus if I did try to force you all you would have to say is I don't exist and I would stop because I wouldn't exist anymore. I think. I'm having a hard time with this whole not existing thing... or maybe I'm not, depending on whether or not I exist.

Post on 10/29/05 by Kain

Okay, so good news. Transmetal is returning to Domain Kain. He's already started...restarted...The Pilgramige. I also have a story that will be put up shortly...provided that I feel satisfied it is done soon. about, Cheese. You're right, I hadn't gotten the message to you that DK was back and I didn't invite you to come back for one reason...I CAN'T GET AHOLD OF YOU! Answer IMs once in a while...anyway, if there is anything you want to change about your name, talk to me and I'll see what I can do.

Post on 10/28/05 by Cheesy Boy

I'm currently posting because I kick ass. Seeing as how I kick ass I have figured out the password to the site. I would just like to bask in my ass kicking-ness for a moment or two.

Aww... yeah... that's nice... no, don't fight it. Let it run through you. Like a mouse, or a bottle rocket. You probably shouldn't let a bottle rocket run through you though... unless you really wanted to. Then I guess it would be fine.

Mice are meat though. So you should eat them, baring an alergy.

Ohh, and Kain never invited me back. Unless I forgot, which is probable but I find it hard to operate on the assumption that I'm wrong. I did that once, ended badly. Turns out I was right, eating permenent markers will not make you inmortal. Wait... um... oh right, I'm done.

No wait! If Shizuka get's to change his name I want to be able to change something too. I don't really have anything I want to change though... it's the principle of the thing I guess. I demand equal rights for unequal amounts of work... because I don't plan on working hard.


Post on 10/21/05 by Kain
Alright, so the deal is that Shizuka has returned to the site to answer any hate mail that you guys send our way...or mail in general actually. I don't think I've lost my touch for attracting hate mail...or really weird people. Shizuka should be able to bust out some great responses once he gets started. know, I think, since Shizuka was the first to tell me he'd come back, I'll let him change his name...maybe...sayonara.

Post on 10/18/05 by Kain
Not so good news. I have invited all of the former staff to bring back Domain Kain, but no one has even expressed an interest. Maybe Domain Kain won't be returning after all...but I'll keep trying...if I have to, I can try to form a new staff, but something tells me that the new staff wouldn't be as good as the guys can always tell me what you think. E-mail me with your opinions. Oh, and another thought comes to me, OLD STAFF! COME BACK!!! NEW PEOPLE WILL DEMAND PAYMENT!!!!!!! AND BENEFITS!!!!!!!!! That's all, sayonara.

Post on 10/14/05 by Kain
Alright! Good news for you, loyal readers whom were so incredibly pissed off at us for not doing anything with the site for ages. It's back. And you can expect new stories soon...promise...seriously this time.

Post on 7/25/05 by Transmetal
Welcome to Domain Kain, and the painful process of converting all pages to our new format. Don't bother trying to visit the stories or editorials page, they don't work just yet. The comics page will be fixed later today. As for the reviews, we're not terribly certain what's happening with them yet. Stay tuned though!

Post on 6/01/05 by Transmetal
New format, less crap. Don't Panic. This is a test for the front page. Maybe we'll update soon too. No promises though! Seriously, no promises. I mean it.