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September 2003

In reference to Transmetal
Post on 10/25/2003 by Wolfbane

It is true, what many of you have heard. Transmetal, being the moron he is, tripped on something (we're not sure what it was yet) and fell down into Kain's basement. We haven't heard from him since, and have little reason to go down and check on him. So he may be missing for the next few days... or weeks.

Two stories have been posted. It Can't Be... by Spotlite, and a Super Smash Brothers Melee Review by Quantum Human. Why the hell is he not a staff member yet? I don't know. I'll go yell at Kain a bit, and have a nice drink on the side.

Here's Something New AND Enjoyable
Post on 10/21/2003 by Kain

We have for you a great screenplay written by Quantum Human. Now, we normally don't take in stories and editorials from beyond the staff, but this was too good to pass up. It's called A Noble Dream. It takes us to a place in history where assassins used swords and people weren't worth the air they breathed. It's like nowadays, but in the past. Understand? No? Just read it. You'll enjoy it.

I guess I should explain what I've been doing the past month or so. Well, I have been working diligently on a new story...well, stories actually. Everyone here is working very hard on getting some new content up and up soon. Unfortunately, by "everyone," I mean Transmetal, Cheese, and I, and by "soon," I mean eventually. I, Kain, am also going to be slowed down on my writing because of a sword fighting class I have begun teaching. If you are in the area and wish to participate, contact me. If you don't know if you are in the area, just assume you aren't. Wow, I bet you wish the nice guy, Transmetal, was updating today. Oh well. I'll let him out of the basement soon.


More stories!
Post on 10/16/2003 by Transmetal

Today marks Spotlite's second story on the site, entitled Maybe.... We've also managed to discover that he's about as crazy as the rest of us. Good or bad, you decide. Also, a new review on Sonic Adventure DX for the Gamecube. You may have noticed that the first half of this update is the same as the last update. That's because I'm lazy! Enjoy!

Ohhhh... Pretty shiny... OUCH
Post on 10/9/2003 by Transmetal

Today marks Spotlite's first story on the site, entitled Alright, I Lied. We've also managed to discover that he's about as crazy as the rest of us. Good or bad, you decide. Also, the staple update as of late continues with the staff game awards. The nominee updates are going to freeze for a while, until we finish up the award sprites. We welcome any and all email pertaining to these awards, as meaningless as they may seem, and we're so bored that we'll probably put up your suggestions under... umm.. some section in the awards... thingy... yeah...

Oh, and just because an object is shiny, doesn't mean that it won't hurt when you touch it. Enjoy!

Yet ANOTHER new month!
Post on 10/4/2003 by Transmetal

First of all, the staff game awards are on the increase, and have been updated. Second, it's a new month! Out with the old, in with the new. Actually, the only things that have changed are the potm and the gotm. Yeah, we're still knee deep in writing a new series which WILL EXPLAIN WHAT HAPPENED TO BLUE SCORE... or at least what happened to the staff from that site. And I'm still playing Blood Omen 2, and getting really really pissed off at sebastion... Let me tell you, I'll have a word or two for him in the review... Just you wait and see. Oh, and there's also a new editorial (finally!) by Spotlite entitled Chat With a Moron. Enjoy!