The Cheese Interviews

--Voice #3-487--

Written by: CheesyBoy

Cheese: Hi and thanks for agreeing to this.

Voice: What? Were am I?

Cheese: That doesnít matter. Say, are you trying to grow a beard?

Voice: No why?

Cheese: Well you look like you could use a shave.

Voice: What, and kill the hair people and their...

Cheese: Hair people?

Voice: ... rich and vibrant culture and the very tapestry of there world. Who am I to play god with their lives. Who am I to deny them there claim to the throne that is my face. Maybe you can live with the guilt of killing them and there beautiful language, rich and vibrant music, their expressive and beautiful art, the rivers and trees of the landscape. There very existence...

Cheese: Wait, did you just say the rivers and trees of the landscape? On your face?

Voice: ... wait, what was I talking about, I kind of forgot half way through.

Cheese: You were talking about the vibrant civilization that is your face.

Voice: What are you talking about? Maybe I need a shave, but I have no idea were your getting this stuff. You have issues.

Cheese: ...

Voice: What freak, donít look at me, your scaring me.

Cheese: Why me, God? What the hell did I ever do to you god. Because Iím sorry.

Voice: What are you talking about now?

Cheese: Really sorry. Really, really sorry.

Voice: Stop talking to your self, your scaring me.

Cheese: Iím going to beat the shit out of the imaginary body you have in this imaginary room that is my mind.

Voice: What?

Cheese: Iím going to beat your head in with a metal pipe.

Voice: ... ohhh.

To be Continued...

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