The Cheese Interviews

--Voice #168-273--

Written by: CheesyBoy

See, Iíve been having a problem finding a voice that is, well, sane enough to interview. How can that be? Well, Iíll show you a couple of voices that wanted to be interviewed. It should be noted that the interviews take place in an imaginary room in my head.

Cheese: Yes, hello. Could you tell me about your self.

Voice #168-273: Yes, well I enjoy cricket...

Cheese: And you're British.

Voice #168-273: Yes, well, I have a British accent, if thatís what you mean.

Cheese: Yes it is, and I canít interview you because Iím fighting the urge to punch you.

Voice #168-273: But...

Cheese: Thatís it you prick voice, I donít have to take it!!

Cheese punches the voice in the imaginary room. Then imagines a metal pipe. The voice ran.

Cheese: I love you imaginary metal pipe. (Kisses metal pipe)

Cheese: Next.

Voice #346-89: Hi Iím a penguin.

Cheese: Thatís nice, now could you...

Voice #346-89: I like being a penguin, want to play the penguin game?

Cheese: What it the penguin game?7

Voice #346-89: Itís were we eat dead rats.

Cheese: But that make no sense.

Voice pulls out a bucket of dead rats

Cheese: Next.

A mime walks in

Cheese: Damnit, how can I interview a mime?

Pretends to be in a box, badly. Like there is a way to do it well.

Cheese: Stop it.

Pretends to be leaning on a wall, badly.

Cheese: Stop it.

Pretends to be pulling a rope, badly.

Cheese: All right you bastard, itís pipe time.

Mime is scared, but Cheese hits him before he can get away.

Cheese: As you can see, its hard to find a sane imaginary voice.

Voice #168-273: Iím sane!

Cheese: Damnit, the British guy again.

Beats with metal pipe.

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