The Cheese Interviews

--Voice #064-26--

Written by: CheesyBoy

Cheese: Hello Voice #064-26, I'd like to thank you for agreeing to this.

Voice #064-26: Can I sit in the big chair?

Cheese: No. Alright, so...

Voice #064-26: You're sure you don't want to give up the chair?

Cheese: Very

Voice #064-26: Because I would have no problem taking it off your hands.

Cheese: You really want my chair don't you?

Voice #064-26: Well it's not on the top of my wish list, but yea.

Cheese: Like, how high?

Voice #064-26: Well it's not one or two, those are taken with world domination, and meeting Tina Turner, not necessarily in that order.

Cheese: A number.

Voice #064-26: Like 27.

Cheese: What are the other 25?

Voice #064-26: Mostly killing.

Cheese: The other 25 are all killing...

Voice #064-26: Mostly killing.

Cheese: That's not much better you know.

Voice #064-26: Touchier doesn't count as killing right?

Cheese: Do you kill them at the end of the touchier?

Voice #064-26: Right, right. I kill them after the touchier. So scrap the most thing; it would be all.

Cheese: But you don't actually kill people, you're trapped in my head.

Voice #064-26: That's why it's a wish list.

Cheese: Alright.

Voice #064-26: You want to do me about 25 favors?

Cheese: Not really.

Voice #064-26: Really? You will? Thanks.

Cheese: I said I wouldn't.

Voice #064-26: The first one you have to kill is...

Cheese: I'm not killing anyone!!

Voice #064-26: Barbie Boy

Cheese: ...

Voice #064-26: ...

Cheese: Yea, I'm listening

Voice #064-26: Great, let's continue...

To be Continued...

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