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June 2003

Another Tourturous Journal...
Post on 6/17/2003 by Transmetal

Today we have two updates. First, the second to last Journal of a Tourtured Soul has been uploaded, entitled The Deciding Battle. The narrative gets more intense as this story reaches it's climax. Also, a guest story has been updated by... ummm... somebody. I kinda forgot his name. Anyway, it's entitled Rest In Peace. It's ummm... kidna depressing. But whatever. Enjoy! Wait... DARNIT!!! NOOOOOOOO!!! I meant to say "farewell"!

Post on 6/13/2003 by Wolfbane

Whenever there is depressing or irritating news to announce, I'm the one who has to do it. Why's that? I'm the only one who has the balls to do it. Look, BlueScore is as dead as a fucking doornail. It's not coming up, and nobodies working on it. Transmetal made some scans of some comics that were going to be posted up, so I've taken them and put them in the media section. Here's the link Media Page. Now go.

Christmas in June
Post on 6/10/2003 by Transmetal

Today we have a media update. You may be asking: "What? I thought you got rid of the media section in order to make way for BlueScore?!". Well... Ummm... I don't know about you guys but, I don't see any BlueScore around here... The picture was actually a test by BarbieBoy (way back when he was part of the site) to see if we could make a sprite comic. But it was a little too close of being a Bob & George rip-off, so that fell through. So now we have this xmas picture featuring all the staff members. Also posted was Chapter 2 of Animal Wars. Later this week we should have an update by CheesyBoy, and the second to last episode of Journal of a Toutured Soul. Until then, Enjoy!

Damn that's getting cliche, I promise I'll think of something new for the next update.

Did I mention?
Post on 6/6/2003 by Transmetal

Did I mention that we plan on doing regular updates from now on? As in, stuff will actually occur during the months that follow? Right, just making sure you knew. Today, I'm happy to announce that the 4th episode of Journal of a Tourtured Soul has been uploaded. It's been a freaking long time in waiting. Why? Well, lets just leave it at saying it got lost in a pile of a thousand wailing souls. *cough* Anyway, the 4th episode continues the holy-crap-its-actually-serious story line combined with wow-is-he-on-crack addition of transmetal, biosoldier, et al. Don't worry, the series won't be left to die. It leads into Insert Name Here War, and... well... Dammit, just read and see. I've seen the rest of the series, and it's good. Cheesyboy should also be updating sometime later this weekend with another Life Experience. Until then, enjoy!

Here ya are
Post on 6/3/2003 by Transmetal

Tsk tsk, CheesyBoy has no patience. Poor man. In honor of him and his "Come on! Update! Update it now!" IMs that have plauged me for the past few weeks, we dedicate the Picture of the Month too him. We also dedicate the staff member of the month position to him again, for his examplary action in a recent Halo tournament.

In terms of updates, we have a new Timesplitters 2 review. We also have two new stories in terms of Koolaid and a new series by Biosoldier entitled Animal Wars. Enjoy.

Come on
Post on 5/30/2003 by CheesyBoy

Boo. Now seriously, this is getting rediculous. I enjoy puttin' shit off as much as the next guy, but when I say I'm going to do something, it HAPPENS. I just want someone to do something. I only want it for you the reader, becaue I am selfless and benevolent.

I of course am immune to this request of someone do something. Why? Simple, I was the last to update content. So SCREW YOU!

So come on, I don't want to have to do stuff. COME ON!