The Blue Score Interviews

Part one

By: Shadow

Meet Chaos

Shadow: Hey Shadowlites! Iím here interviewing Chaos. Heís been hired by Kain to run Blue Score, our newest project here at Domain Kain. So, Chaos, how were you hired?

Chaos: Well, Kain owed me money, so I told him to hire me and Iíd call it even. Oh, and Iím his brother.

Shadow: Youíre Kainís brother? Wow, older or younger?

Chaos: Older. I taught him everything he knows.

Shadow: Wow, that...terrifies me. But anyway, donít you think that you got this job unfairly?

Chaos: And what makes you think I care?

Shadow: Right, well, why donít you tell the Shadowlites out there a little about yourself?

Chaos: No.

Shadow: Aw, címon!

Chaos: No.

Shadow: Iíll give ya twenty bucks.

Chaos: Iím Kainís older brother. Iím smarter than him. Iím stronger than him. As a matter of fact, Iím better in almost every way.

Shadow: Almost?

Chaos: Okay, EVERY way.

Shadow: At least I know where Kain gets his arrogance. Thanks for the interview Chaos and I hope you have fun on the site.

Chaos: Shut up, loser.



Spotlights Arenít Always Good

Shadow: Hey there, Shadowlites. Iím here with Blue Scoreís undercover operator, Spot Light. How were you hired, Spot?

S. Light: I was walking down the street when a bunch of ninja pirates beat me up and knocked me out. I woke up in a dark room, hand-cuffed to a chair.

Shadow: Thatís horrible! Tell us more.

S. Light: Kain came in an hour later. He hit me with a large mouthed bass, then he asked me if I wanted a job.

Shadow: And you accepted?

S. Light: He threatened to hit me with the bass again if I declined.

Shadow: Ah.

S. Light: Iím scared.

Shadow: Arenít we all. You know, you look familiar. Do I know you from somewhere?

S. Light: You stole my girlfriend last summer.

Shadow: Oh yeah! She was hot. I dumped her pretty quickly, too.

S. Light: She was the love of my life.

Shadow: Ha ha ha. Really? Man, thatís funny. I bet you...

Interview canceled due to Spot Light strangling Shadow


You Never Know These Days

Shadow: Hey, Shadowlites rule! Iím here with Barbie Boy mk II. How were you hired mk II?

BBmkII: Eep! Eep!

Shadow: Wait a second! Youíre just a shaved circus monkey!

BBmkII: Eep!

Shadow: But why...?

Kain: I donít have to pay him, he does more work than Barbie Boy, and he has twice his intelligence.

Shadow: I see, well goodbye then!

Kain: Sayonara!

BBmkII: Eep!