The Blue Score Interviews

Part Two

By: Shadow

I Swear Iíve Met This Guy Before...

Shadow: Yo Shadowlites! Iím here with Neo-Transmetal over speaker phone. Heís Blue Scoreís sub-content deficiency officer. So, how were you hired, Neo?

Neo: I called Kain and asked for a job.

Shadow: You called Kain? But how did you...?

Neo: Iím psychic.

Shadow: Really? Then what am I thinking of right now?

Neo: And what makes you think I care?

Shadow: Just do it.

Neo: Fine. Youíre thinking about ways to be obnoxiously positive.

Shadow: Wow, but Iím still not convinced! Whatís Kain thinking of right now?

Neo: Women, world domination, the X BOX, and beans and franks.

Shadow: Okay, youíre psychic.

Neo: I know.

Shadow: Now youíre just freaking me out. Hmm, thereís something familiar about you. Did I steal your girlfriend?

Neo: No.

Shadow: Do I know you?

Neo: No.

Shadow:...Are you sure?

Neo: Very.

Shadow: I swear Iíve heard your voice befo...Hey! He hung up on me! What a jerk!


Bonjour, El Capitain!

Shadow: Iím giving a shout out to all my Shadowlites out there! Yarr is here with me and Iíll...

Yarr: Actually, thatís Captain Yarr.

Shadow: Why are you called "captain"?

Yarr: Because I pilot the ship.

Shadow: Ship? What ship?

Yarr: The S.S. Winnebago.

Shadow: And this is for...?

Yarr: reason really. I just like to pilot Winnebagos under water.

Shadow: So the S.S. Winnebago is an actual Winnebago?

Yarr: Yeah.

Shadow: Okay, whatever, so how were you hired?

Yarr: Kain found me when he chose a random name in a random phone book.

Shadow: Kain has some interesting tactics. What were you hired for?

Yarr: Behind-the-scenes computer work.

Shadow: That sounds like a lot of work. I like working with hardware like microphones, do you follow me?

Yarr: Yeah.

Shadow: Well stop or Iíll call the cops. Heh heh.

Interview canceled so Shadow can be beaten for his bad joke



Shadow: Hey, Shadowlites! Iím here with Dragomage. How were you hired Drago?

Mage: While visiting Biosoldier in the pyro ward in the local institution, Kain accidentally went into my room. He hired me on the spot.

Shadow: Kainís tactics are beginning to scare me.

Mage: Burn it all!

Shadow: ...yipe...

Mage: I donít have to listen to you! Iím my own Dragomage! I will burn this place to the ground!

Shadow: I see, well goodbye then!

Mage: Burn! Burn! Burn!

Shadow: This is gonna sting...


A Boy and His Computer

Garett refuses to be interviewed by anyone but Cheesy Boy...letís hope that happens soon



Kain: Well, Shadow, what do you think of the new staff members?

Shadow: They scare me. Not quite as much as how you hired them though.

Kain: Completely understandable. But how does your throat feel?

Shadow: Itís a little sore.

Kain: Thatís nice. Any other thoughts?

Shadow: What were you thinking when you hired them? Are you insane? Do you want me dead?

Kain: Hmm...a little from column A, a little from column B.

Shadow: Okay, no matter how much they scare me, you will always frighten me more.

Kain: Excellent. Sayonara, everyone!

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