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January 2003

Post on 1/23/2003 by Wolfbane

Transmetal? Jabox4? Can either of you muster up the balls to update on time? Apparently not, as the two of them were supposed to announce the begining of Kain's new series Journal of a Tourtured Soul. Kain had some free time before he left on vacation, and penned up a prequel to the Insert Name Here War. Due to the lack of Transmetal's influence, the series is much more serious and makes a hell of a lot more sense. Oh, but what's this? Being the dumb shits they are, they forgot to update. So here ya go. I promise to smack those two upside the head tommoro, finish those damn game reviews, and perhaps even make them post up my latest rant.

Oh Cabbage...
Post on 1/10/2003 by Transmetal

Another day, another post. Today we have yet another Real History entitled Jesus and the whole Birth thing. Please don't get all prissy and offended by this, it's funny, and none of his stories (so far) have slammed religion in any way. After that, I updated my Sketch Book with stuff from a recent study hall I... umm... experienced. Enjoy!

Heheheheh... My turn!
Post on 1/6/2003 by Transmetal


You're not serious Kain... Are you?

Well, now that I'm temporary webmaster... Some changes are going to occur, and not all of them for the better :). Today I posted up new Game of the Month, Picture of the Month, and staff member of the month. Oh, that and my Tony Hawk 3 review. Yeah, I know it's more than a little late, but I'm webmaster... I can do anything!!! Well, as long as Jabox4 doesn't catch me.