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August 2002

I want candy!
Post on 8/24/2002 by Transmetal
Helooooooooooooooooooo! Today, we have more CheesyBoy stuff... er... yea... ummmmmm... yea... soo... Yea! The Warcraft 3 review, along with another Cheese Interview, have been uploaded. The editorial entitled "Cheese, Sex, and Lies" has been revamped by CheesyBoy for some odd reason. But, whatever. I'm gonna go and eat some pudding. Over and out!
Hey Transmetal!
Post on 8/21/2002 by Jabox4
I fixed the News Archieve. Transmetal you lazy sack of...
Post on 8/20/2002 by Transmetal
First, a message to my fellow staff members. It was nice to see the site updated so much during my absence while in Canada... Cough, Cough! Second, a message to Kain. PLEASE DON'T KILL ME! And finally, the updates. I got around to archiving all the news. BUT. Apparently someone deleted the news archive index while I was gone, so at the moment you can't view them. Content wise, I was able to fully recover two reviews (Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, and Chu Chu Rocket) by CheesyBoy, and a story of his. I'm still attempting to find his third review, and three of mine. Expect more fun stuff soon! Oh, and I hope to get the game of the month and pic of the month updated for September. Yea, so what if we skipped yet another month! I'm going to run now, so Kain doesn't kill me...
Long time no see? Ditto.
Post on 8/13/2002 by Transmetal
Ok, so what about content updates? Huh? Why, oh Transmetal, have you not delivered those 4+ reviews you promised? Why have you not updated the stories section in, say, a month? Well, to be honest, I haven't been here the past month or so. I just got home approximately 25 minutes ago! And on top of that, I came home to find my PC on the verge of crashing, due to the ignorant meddling of my younger siblings and other family members. Thankfully, I had all of my Domain Kain files backed up onto a CD. It may be a while, but they'll be up on the site... Oh, and I'll get around to archiving the July news soon. Over and out.
Long time no see?
Post on 8/10/2002 by Jabox4
Hey, it's me again! Well, I sure haven't posted in awhile. That?s probably because A) I haven't had the time, B)someone else posted an update that I was supposed to, (*cough* Kain *cough*) and/or C) because there has really only been content updates since I last did much work here, as the most I've done since my last post was fix links and such.

Anyway, this time around there is a big change in the site's focus. It was determined between Kain and Jabox4 that the site really didn't have much for video-game related review material. So, we've re-focused on our stories and editorials, as we seem to write a lot more of those . Don't worry, the reviews are still around, and there may be a new one posted from time to time, they just won't be our main topic anymore. They've all been put into a single section so that it'll a bit easier to maintain them. Also to go along with the change in plan, the Review Board page has been renamed to the Staff page.

BTW, speaking of stories and editorials, Insert Wars 7 is up! Go read it now!!