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April 2003

First Hate Mail
Post on 4/23/2003 by Transmetal

Our first really really stupid hate mail EVER has been posted up today in the community section... YEA!!! Also take note that the media section has been essentially deactivated... What began as the media section eventually evolved into Blue Score, the site Jabox4 / Kain were working on. Due to this, the media section was updated once and never touched again. It's useless beyond belief, and the image is pathetic in comparison to what BarbieBoy and Co. have accomplished in recent months.

Another update today!
Post on 4/17/2003 by Cheesy Boy

Hey, I was going to update the site because no one had in a while, but then I say that Transmetal did today. But that didn't stop me, I figured there has been a big enough gap in the updates that we should give you more, and more is what you get.

So I'll bet you want to know why I, the great and mighty CHEESY BOY am staff member of the month. Well it sure as hell wasn't hard work, no it was my Birthday on the 9th. In fact that update 2 updates down on the 6th mentioned my birthday party. It started with my friends trying to kidnap me. Now I say try, because that is what it was, an atempt. They failed, horibly. They mainly lost because Jabox4 and Shadow were supposed to help, but they had to stop off at the hardware store. So it was just Transmetal my friend Al, Slade (he wrote a guest story) and Transmetal. Transmetal wanted to tape this whole thing so he wasn't helping, and Al and Slade don't have, lets say stopping power. Maybe they will put up the video on Blue Score.

But back to what's new. I redid my FF7 review, just little things here and there to improve it, I also put up a new Away Message. It doesn't really sound to much like me I guess, but I did write it. Then there is teh Best Story Ever. BB helped write it, andI know BB is off the site, but he deserves some credit at least for the insparation.

All right, I'm done.

Post on 4/17/2003 by Transmetal

Oh... I know what I'll do! I'll pretend like it hasn't been more than a week since the site was updated! Yeah! ... Ahem... Well, we aren't dead or anything, thankfully. We have a rough version of BlueScore up right now. Supposedly that's what Jabox4/Kain were doing for about 5 months there... Until it was mysteriously delayed... And Kain dissapeared. *Sigh* We'll find him somehow, 'cause we're gonna need him. I'm getting the impression that there's some sort of rivalry between Red Faction (the site you're visiting now) vs. Blue Score. Oh well, what do I know? I've updated the Pic / Game of the Month, and uploaded a review for Robotech: Battlecry. That and another crazy story called Fieldtrip. Well, that's it for now! I'm gonna go catch up on some sleep.

Back with a han... err... a vengance!
Post on 4/6/2003 by Transmetal

Today's update is... ummm... unexpected. We're surprised that it was updated at all today, as last night the whole staff drank caffinated sodas by the crap load AND played Halo/Zelda/Robotech/Guilty Gear X2/Blood Omen 2 AND watched Mallrats AND ate Cake/Ice Cream/Pizza. Wow, I'm really out of it right now... So I'm just gonna post up this one article entitled To Eat, or Not to Eat. It came out of... well... nevermind... Just read it! Bye.

Post on 4/1/2003 by Transmetal

Well, that was quite possibly the worst April Fools joke ever. Next year, I promise to spend more than 5 minutes making up one.

Post on 4/1/2003 by Your Mom

Oh, so this is the site you've been spending so much time reading? I'm amazed at how you've managed to read this much... trash without the AOL censors alerting me. Well, no more! You are hereby grounded for 3 weeks, with no videogames, food, or water. Further more, this site will be converted into a family friendly site. Take note of the picture and game of the month on the side. The pic is that of our great hero. The game is a great educational piece of entertainment, which will enlighten you as to the orgins of the Roman Empire. Now, make sure you get to bed on time sweety!