An IM "Away" Message

The Truth Behind Away Messages

Written by: Cheesy Boy

Listen, I'm going to tell you what's really going on with this away message shit. I sign on to pretend to be social, or maybe purely out of habit. Then I put up an away message and do other shit.

Maybe I'll be playing a full screen game, and if you do IM me, and I forgot to click the little button that makes me completly ignore you, then it will stop the game at a crucial moment. I will then procede to get pissed at you for no reason you can see.

So why sign on? Becasue I'm an ass, and I want you to konw I'm ignoring you. After I get off this game I'll just sign off, I won't talk to you. Face it, I never do. I look at you screen name, then say "I'm to tired" even though it's like 5 in the afternoon. I sign on as a cruel mokery. Like a teenager who tells his parents that he did "Things" today. They know he's there, but they act as if they weren't

Now you know.