Title: Final Fantasy 7
Developer: Square Soft
Publisher: Square Soft
System: Playstation
Released: Early 1/31/97
Review Date: 2/21/03

Review by: Cheesy Boy

It's finally happened. At last we have put up a review for a game that broke the 9 barrier. And I have to say we couldn't choose a better game to do it with. With out a doubt in my mind, I can say that this is my favorite game of all time. Better than any of my new games, or of my old games. It's beautiful. It's a game were every thing came together perfectly.

Sure FF10 is a great game, but it pales in comparison to FF7. What set it apart? Do you mean besides the (once) revolutionary graphics, the numerous characters, the Materia, or the plot that keeps you up at night, or perhaps the nearly unlimited amounts of mini-quests? Sure I love FF10, but FF7 allows you to wander the expansive world in numerous ways unlike FF10. And the material system just makes you feel more intimate with your character then the sphere system. but I'm getting ahead of my self, we should continue. Kind of... I'll get into the game more after a little history lesson, there will be a test. Seriously.

Many people have asked why it's called FINAL Fantasy, when there are so many of them. Well I know, and will tell you ingrates.

Once a long time ago, Squaresoft was doing poorly, mainly because it was making games for the early Nintendo CD console that was way ahead of it's time. They had little money, so as a last ditch effort, they made a game. They poured all of there resources into this one last game. It was their Final Fantasy. They never expected it to do very well, mainly because at the time the Dragon Quest series was dominating Japan, and the American market had yet to catch on, so they were left with no choice but to fight the giant Enix. But it did good, surprisingly good. So as to not risk making a game under an unknown name they made Final Fantasy 2. The rest is history

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.(Go Joe!)


Revolutionary. I remember pissing my self when I saw the screen shots. Whether it be when you summon a creature, or the varied attacks, the graphics are so good I was dumbfounded. And then when you get into the cut scenes you are blown away at the abilities of this little console.

Sure, now a days people think they stink. But at the time, they were god like. And that deserves at least a 9.5

Rating: 9.5/10

The sound is great. All of your old FF favorites, and some new ones. It's clear, it's beautiful, and it's FF7.

You want me to tell you a little more about the sound? Well, lets just say it's the only game soundtrack I have ever bought. Well not only, but you know, it kicks ass.

Rating: 9/10
Game play

The game play can make or break a game. And it made this game. Everything about the game play is perfect. The battles, the attacks, the extent to which you can customize your characters. Perfect. I can't think of a better word for it, so I'll just say it again. Perfect.

Every character in this game is a person. There not the stereotypical hero. And I am expanding the view of stereotypical by including people who fight for their family or a hometown. Like take Cid for example. He smokes, he drinks, and it wouldn't be an unjustified guess to think he's a wife beater. Despite the fact that he's not married. He's his own guy, and a good fighter. I use him.

Then there is the Materia. I love Materia. I mean love. It allows customization, yet the base stats guide what the character should be. It balances perfectly. I prefer it to the sphere system used in FF10 which only gives you a delusion of customization while it leads you on a set path. I enjoyed the effort, but the customization just wasn't like this. Materia can up attributes (while inversely dropping some), give special abilities, and magic attacks.

They come in 5 varieties: Independent, Support, Command, Magic, and Summon. Independent materia enhances the character’s status, mainly threw raising HP, MP or strength. Things like that. Command will add a form of attack, like steal, or deathblow. Support combines with magic, by making it apply to all enemies or allies, or adding the effect of the materia to your weapon. Lastly Summon calls upon the powers of incredible creatures from other worlds. The materia system is everything it should be.

Rating: 9.5/10

I really don't know what people want from this section. The guy moves when you tell him to, and as a bonus, it's were you want him to. I think that gets it an 8.

I never know what to write here

Rating: 8/10

This very well might be the best game ever.

The Good, The Great, and The Better
  • + Original Plot
  • + Expansive selection of Characters
  • + Characters are individuals (Cid the wife beater)
  • + Materia
  • - Kain won't let me give it a higher grade
  • Let Me Repeat that One More Time

    Graphics: 9.5/10

    Sound: 9/10

    Game play: 9.5/10

    Control: 8/10

    Overall (not an average): 9.5/10