Kazza Sucks Left Nut

Written by: Wolfbane

Just the other day, I went online to download something. This is not an unusual occurence, as you could consider me a pirate of sorts. More than 3/4 of my CDs are pirated material, whether it be mp3 or movie; game or porn. The difference was, however, that I was using Kazza. I'm not a regular Kazza user by any means. The only real file sharing I've done is over WinMX which, after my experience with Kazza, is most certainly my preference.

And what was my experience with Kazza, you might ask? It was the equivalant of shiting into my own mouth. Just as enjoyable, just as refreshing, and just as worthwhile. My beef with Kazza has to do with the participation level. In order to support the "philosophy and principles upon which peer-to-peer technology is based", you are subjected to a rating that determines how many files you share with other people. It'd be all fine and dandy if that was how it really works. BUT IT DOESN'T. You also lose points for downloading.

Now... Think about that for a second. It's a two way street, right? So you're ranked higher for uploading, but lowered for downloading. Downloading is equally important to file sharing as uploading. Still not convinced? Less than a week ago, I made the sacrafice of leaving Kazza on ALL NIGHT so I could get up to the coveted level of "Supreme Being". I made it, and the next day I decided to download some more files. In the time it took me to click on 4 files, I lost over 800 points. I was all the way back down to "Guru". And as people logged off, and I connected to download these very same files with other people my points went down even more... At the same time I'm downloading these 4 files, 6 others are uploading from me. But does this matter?! NO.

This isn't the only thing against Kazza, the other major issue is a little something known as "Save". Yes, I consented to it being installed initially, but only because the description of it was vague at best. I had the impression it was just some program that would run inside of Kazza, giving me custom ad's. As it turns out, "Save" loads up when your computer starts. The second I open up Internet Explorer to surf the web, Save starts up and begins pumping out ads. So, not only do they force me to download this program with little to no explanation (assuming I want to install Kazza at all), but it slows down my window's boot up (as slow as it already is) AND pumps out ad's while Kazza isn't even running? Damn, you guys suck.

And the final nail in the coffin occured a little under 5 minutes ago. While writing this very article, Kazza started downloading something. Not in the normal sense, but suddenly an odd version of the typical IE download screen... But it was downloading a windows system file. There was only two possibilities, either Microsoft was being gay... Or I was downloading a virus through Kazza. These sorts of things happen in Kazza, and it was reason enough for me to reboot the PC and uninstall the damn program.

The ending goes a little like this. I end up with one less program to worry about, and no more Save! ads coming up. I also have more space on my pc now. The moral of the story is Kazza sucks, use WinMX instead.