An IM "Away" Message

--How Did You Get Here?--

Written by: CheesyBoy

     "I'm Cheesyboy, I think I know everything, I think I'm soooooo great."

     "Who the fuck are you? How did you get in MY house?!"

     "I'm Cheesyboy, I think I'm sooooo great."

     "I'M Cheesyboy, fucker."

     "No I'm Cheesyboy, I have no feelings and...""

     "Well then you won't feel the masive beat down coming your way."


Cheesyboy contunues to beat mystery person with metal pipe.

     "Fucker who are you!!"

     "Your bitch sir."

     "Damn straight, get out fucky. Garet, why didn't you do something when he started typing?"

     "He sounded just like you Cheesyboy."

     "Shut up Garet. Wow, beatings make me feel the need to run around covered in dogs blood, see you later."

Thats why he's not here.