An IM "Away" Message

--Lies and Insanity--

Written by: Cheesy Boy

     "I am not available because I am playing a computer game that takes up the whole screen."

     "No, LIES."

     "Damnit; must... surprease... voice... in... head..."

     "He's not playing a game, he just hates you"

     "No, don't listen to him, he's crazy"

     "Do you know why they moved away from New York? They really moved away from New York because he killed 8 people."

     "No... they were not dead, they... just bleed in there sleep that's all"


     "No, no it's not true."

     "You know it's true."

     "NO, I'll kill you like I killed them! With the weapon of the revolution."


     "Too late now, your as good as dead head voice #00328."


Cheesy Boy is unavalible beacuse he can't move due to the spork in his forhead.