An IM "Away" Message

--Murder with a side order of Mystery--

Written by: Cheesy Boy

"Go away, I don't want to go to some stupid party."

"Why wouldn't you want to go to a Party? They're lots of fun."

"Because last time I went to a party someone was killed, and the host was all like 'Oh no, someone died. And it was someone in this room. No one is leaving until it's solved.' And I was all fuck that, I'm tired. So I killed every one and left."

"You killed everyone?"

"Even stabbed the corpses a couple of times for good messure."

"I think those are what are reffered to a Muder Mystery Parties. No one actually died, it's a game."

"Well it's not much of a mystery after everyone dies."

"Your never leaving the house again."