An IM "Away" Message


Written by: Cheesy Boy

Why is he not here? Well thats vey simple. Lets just go back in time about five minutes and see.

"...because I'm a time traveling gypsy."

"Your not a time traveling gypsy."

"Then were did I learn how to use an abacus?"

"You can use an abacus?"

"Yea, taught to my self."

"Ha, if you taught it to yourself then you have no claim to being a time traveling gypsy!"

"Time traveling gypsy? What the hell is wrong with you? Sometimes I worry about your mental health."

"Wha... You do know I'm going to kill you now?"

"I update my will on a daily basis just in case."

"That's good."

And you can probably figure out from that what happend to him. Have a nice day.