Stupid Arcade Managers

Written by: Wolfbane

I was at the local bowling alley the other day with Transmetal. This was in no way my idea, and I had no enjoyment at all. After an half hour of one of the most boring, old people oriented sports ever, he tells me that there's an arcade in the back. I quickly take the oppurtunity to chuck a 16lbs bowling ball at his head, and walk over to the arcade.

While not a great Arcade by any standard, it was better than bowling. There were several Sega machines, including Daytona 2, Die Hard, and some ocean hunter game. Outside of Sega machines, there was a Star Trek Voyager game and Air Hockey. Other than videogame machines, there was a sign. I was taken aback at what I saw. It was impossible, could someone truely be this stupid? Had humanity risen to the peak of it's lack of intelligence?

The sign said the following "No Loitering. Thanks, Management". In what was most likely the most stupid movement by an owner of any Arcade owner anywhere, they had put up a sign that said "No Loitering". WHAT THE HELL DO THEY THINK WE DO IN ARACDES?! Who the hell goes to an Aracade, and knows precisely what they want to play? Think about the last time you went to an Arcade. About 50% of your time is spent "Loitering" around the place, and deciding on what games you want to play. Hell, sometimes I don't even play games. I know Transmetal sometimes comes in and just pretends he's playing them. But that's just him...

The point is, they're real idiots... And I ended up placing Transmetal's inert body in there. If they don't want him Loitering in there, they'll just have to drag him out. I was too lazy to clean up the blood anyway.