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September 2002

It's Time For A Blood Bath...Maybe Later Then
Post on 9/28/2002 by Kain
I LIVE! You know, as the webmaster of this site, I should really be more involved. Oh well, nothing has really been updated yet, except for the bios on page, thingy. You know what I'm talking about. You don't? Damn. I'm screwed. Oh wait, the Staff page has been updated. A new Employee of the Month has also been put up. Do to growing demands that this site be updated, I have decided to do it myself. In other words, my lackies can't do it and it hasn't been updated in almost three weeks, so I got off the X BOX and stopped writing for a moment to do it. I hope you enjoy the updates that has happened and I wish to reassure you that Insert Your Name Here Wars episode 9: part 1 will be up shortly. Enjoy! Wait, Transmetal ends with that...Sayonara!
Gah... Here's a REAL Update
Post on 9/12/2002 by Transmetal
Ok, after Cheesy Boy's pathetic post... I'd like to tell you guys what actually was updated. Simply, the "Real History" was turned into a whole series. So, we popped up an index, and a new one in the series. They're both in the stories section. Enjoy!
Post on 9/12/2002 by Cheesy Boy
It's that time of month again...
Post on 9/6/2002 by Transmetal
Greetings everyone, today Episode 8 of Insert Name Here War has been uploaded, along with another Cheese Interview by CheesyBoy. So go do yourself a favor and read 'em now. Surprise, surprise! We actually got around to updating the Pic and Game of the Month! Yea!!!! The Pic of the Month was chosen because its... well... Soul Calibur! I mean, do we really need a reason beyond that? Sure, it has spiffy light effects... Oh, and Super Mario Sunshine was, of course, the new Game of the Month... Come'on, it's Mario we're talking about here! The plumber who basically revived the industry back in the early...

Kain: Shut up, we don't do history lessons here. Oh, that and I never authorized either of those pics.

Transmetal: Oh, err.... You didn't? Well... Um... Gotta go now!

Transmetal runs off into the distance...

I'm stuck in class, so thus I must update
Post on 9/3/2002 by Transmetal
Brought into question recently, was why the hell that story "Why?" was even posted in the first place. Well, question no more! It is gone! It's crap!ahem...