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October 2002

(the titleless post)
Post on 10/26/2002 by Transmetal

"Ummm... Kain? Hello?"

Knocks on Kain's door

"Damnit, I uploaded the Super Monkey Ball review, and the sketch journal. I'm about to do the update, and you promised that you would upload Insert Name War..."

"GO AWAY!!! I'm in the middle of playing XBOX!"

"But you promised!!!!"

"Screw you all!!! Come back to me when I'm done beating Halo! (again)"

Well, there you have it...

My love! My anger! And all of my sorrow!
(I forgot to do my math homework again)
Post on 10/22/2002 by Transmetal
Yes, SCHOOL SUCKS. That is simplest reason as to why I haven't been posting as much as usual. And I'm still trying to find those reviews I lost back in July when my pc crashed... *sigh* So, today I give you two more CheesyBoy articles. First, The Fuzzy Dead Cat... A story about the five senses, and a dead cat. Second, another Cheese Interview. I'm not going to tell you much more than this: It rolls into a ball, and screams reaaaaally loudly. Enjoy! No.. wait... Sayanora!!! No... not that either... Um, All Your PSATS are Belong to Us!!! Yea, that works.
It's all done!
Post on 10/15/2002 by Jabox4
OK! OK! It's up! (referring to Insert War 9 Part 1). I didn't know there was an employee lounge either. As for my thought box, I'm gonna hide it until I can think of something to put up. I had something yesterday, but I didn't get the chance to upload it and now I've forgotten. Damnit!
Let's quit the moral posturing, shall we?
Post on 10/14/2002 by Kain
I fixed the pic and game of the month to what they are supposed to be. I, I mean...inspired people with the inspiration a.k.a. the sledgehammer. I even spent hours upon hours writing stories for our fans out there. Am I good or what? Some people don't seem to think so. Now that I have finally started checking my e-mail, I have been finding letters demanding that I stop my evil ways. Although the Kain in most of the stories is in fact an evil guy, that doesn't mean I am. I just basically write things like the below statements all in good fun. Besides, who needs all this false moral posturing? Tolerance is what we need. I'll get off this tangent and save it for an editorial. Insert Name Here Wars 9 part 1 should be up now. If it isn't, then Jabox4 needs to get off his butt and do so. Other than that, I have a sad announcement to make...

Kain: I'm sorry to say it, but Insert Name Here Wars has just two more parts till it is finished.
Cheesy Boy: Oh. That's what you meant? I thought you were talking about taking out the Dr. Pepper in the employee lounge. Few.
Kain: Shut up...since when did we have an employee lounge? Anyway, I hope you all are more interested in the next few stories to come after Insert Name Here Wars. It will be remembered...
Cheesy Boy: So you're not taking out the Dr. Pepper?
*Kain has rushed off to inspire Cheesy Boy.* Sayanara
It's not like I tried to fall out the window or anything...
Post on 10/7/2002 by Transmetal
lol, so I spaced on this one. I updated the site, but forgot to post it up. There was some major confusion on the reviews (one of the reasons why they've been forced into the background as of late). To fix this little problem, we've made a ratings guide. Cheesyboy's reviews have all been taken down, temporarily, so he can fix those reviews. Oh, and the Pic of the month, and the Game of the month have all been updated. And whenever the heck Kain gets off his XBOX, a couple more items should be uploaded. For example, Insert War Chapter 9. So until then, Sayanora! (Take THAT Kain!)
It's Time For A Blood Bath...Maybe Later Then
Reposted on 10/4/2002
I LIVE! You know, as the webmaster of this site, I should really be more involved. Oh well, nothing has really been updated yet, except for the bios on page, thingy. You know what I'm talking about. You don't? Damn. I'm screwed. Oh wait, the Staff page has been updated. A new Employee of the Month has also been put up. Do to growing demands that this site be updated, I have decided to do it myself. In other words, my lackies can't do it and it hasn't been updated in almost three weeks, so I got off the X BOX and stopped writing for a moment to do it. I hope you enjoy the updates that has happened and I wish to reassure you that Insert Your Name Here Wars episode 9: part 1 will be up shortly. Enjoy! Wait, Transmetal ends with that...Sayonara!