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Welcome to the E-mail box section. The general idea of this section is that the reader sends us questions/comments/whatever about the site or anything videogame/anime/whatever related. We will then, in turn, answer. But this can only work if all of you out there send us some e-mail! Bring 'em on!



My name is Kaori. I have a question about the members of your site. Is there a variety of ethnic culture on the site? It doesn't seem to matter really, I was just wondering. Reading the updates I get an impression of nationality. It seems diverse. Kain sounds Japanese (though it sounds as if he weren't born there), Cheesey Boy sounds like he's from some country. I can't quite tell. You sound European. I don't mean to sound racial or anything. I just notice some distinct habits in your writing that I also notice when reading other documents from other countries. Kain always uses Japanese phrases in his updates. Cheesey Boy says "boo" for a greeting. I've never heard anyone do that in any country. You type very respectfully. If you don't want to answer, you don't have to. I was just curious.


Sorry for this response so late in coming, I hadn't even thought that the staff members of Domain Kain had different ethnicities (Isn't that where you don't like videogames? Maybe that's a disease I'm thinking of...). Asking the various staff members, I came upon a rather striking variety of... origins...

Starting with Kain. According to Kain, he's from Japan and has a thing for swords. He claims that this is a genetic thing he gets from his great great great great (etc..) grandfather who was some Musashi guy. Apparently this Musashi guy kicked major ass.

Shadow? He mumbled something about being German, I didn't quite catch the rest.

CheesyBoy is from... ummm... Nothern Siberia? Where the hell is that? Sounds cold.

Wolfbane is from the "depths of hell" as he put it, but I know otherwise. You see, he accidently left a return address sticker on my floor one time (after he came and stole all my Mountain Dew). He lives in... Wait... The sticker's ink is all washed out! DAMMIT!

Biosoldier is from some place out in the West Coast, some place North I think.

Transmetal is from somewhere in Great Britain. However, he currently resides in Indiana, where the land is flatter than "your mom's" chest.

Jabox4 lives in a mobile computer-van. We don't know where the hell he is right now.

Transmetal appoligizes for his poor taste in jokes (in reference to the "your mom" line)

And finally... BarbieBoy is from Canada. Not that we needed to tell you that.

So, I hope that answers your question Kaori!

- Transmetal


Why does domain kain suck? I've got a site with usefull information. Check the media section. That's all you could come up with? I can make that gif in flash, increase the quality, decrease the filesize, and make it longer too. See? oh and kain doesn't even do anything? why the hell do you even have a site on tripod too? Tripod has 20mb of space. The new host I'm looking at for my site has unlimited, with unlimited bandwidth. and oh yeah it's free. I just thought I'd put my 2 cents in... wait why put anything in this site. It sucks.


It must also be noted that after a little research, it was found that JTR is the founder of a Dragon Ball Z fan site that has updated it format 5 times in the past 6 months, and has updated its content about once. I seem to recall them having less than 4 game reviews, and no other notable content. There may have been some "Learn To Control Your Ki" page there, but other than that there is nothing. To top this off, his other free host recently shut down because it was being maintained by a teenager who couldn't afford to make his payments.

Armed with this information, please take a second look at the above email. Everything can he's stated can be argued against with little to no effort (Lack of Media? We're not a media site, our sister site Blue Score is). This email has the honor of being the least intellectual and or meaningful email we have recieved to date.

Note: I'd post a link to his site, but it still has not been put back up

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