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June 2002

The Time Has Come, Finally, Kain Shall Rule!!
Post on 6/25/02 by Kain
There comes a time in every man's life that he must use his powers for good, not evil. When that happens to me, I'll shoot myself. But anyway, I have come before you, my public, to tell you of "Insert Name Here Wars Episode 5: Pursuit of Kain part 2- Nowhere To Run" has been uploaded. A new Cheesy Boy interview has also been uploaded. I also must tell you that Transmetal feels that you are all taking advantage of him, so he will not talk to you tonight *a muffled yell* Shut Up! *Kain kicks a chained up Transmetal* Well, that's all for now. Just remember, I will rule all, but, for now, I am content with ruling Domain Kain. Until next time...
Post on 6/20/02 by Transmetal
Well. This one's a doosy. Shall I just give you all the rundown? Reviews for Wreckless, SSX Tricky(second opinion), and the definitive review for Blood Omen 2. Yes, the game has finally arrived! Well, it's actually been around for a while. But that's another story. Editorials? We have yet another "away message" by Cheesy Boy. Stories? "The Most Random Story Ever", written as a joint effort by Biosoldier and Transmetal. "The Hawaiian Shirt", a rather strange adventure by Transmetal in which he... umm... attempts to live out an ordinary day. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY!!!!!!!! Insert War 5 (part 1) HAS BEEN UPLOADED!!! I kid you not!!! The story is up in all it's glory (I didn't mean for that to rhyme) in the.... umm.... stories section. That's that. The single biggest update, ever. Enjoy.
Dragon Ball Z, need I say ANYTHING more?
Post on 6/13/02 by Transmetal
I take back what I said yesterday. Finals have destroyed us... JUST KIDDING!!! Need proof? Today we have a new Gamecube review posted. This time it's for SSX Tricky. Is it time to get tricky? Hmmmm... Excuse the bad catchphrase... Also, the first of "The Cheese Interviews" has been fixed. When it was first uploaded, we had been using the schools computer in between exams. We used Netscape, um, 3.0 I think... But anyway, we have a list of things Barbie Boy would/wouldn't do as a Dark Overlord. (Even though we know that will never happen with Kain around) Also, there's the GBA Dragon Ball Z game review. AND LASTLY... Insert War 5 may or may not exist. Apparently the copy I saw was nothing but a figment of Kain's imagination, or so he told me. It's somewhere out there, probably in some distant IRC chat room. (sigh...)
Dragon Ball Z, need I say more?
Post on 6/12/02 by Transmetal
Fear not readers! Finals have not destroyed us, they have... Ummmm... Killed any and all motivation to work. That's all. Although, it thankfully didn't prevent this update. Today, we bring you the first in a series of interviews by Cheesy Boy, named "The Cheese Interviews". In this interview, he speaks with a voice inside his head... Don't try to understand, just accept it and read it. Second, we have a list of things Barbie Boy would/wouldn't do as a Dark Overlord. Even though we know that will never happen with Kain around... On the reviews front, CheesyBoy finished his Dragon Ball Z GBA game review. Check it out and see if all those petitions for a US DBZ game were worth it. AND LASTLY... Insert War 5 will be uploaded soon. I myself have seen it!!! No lie! Even though we HAVE been expecting it since the begining of May... DOH!
No es Mayo! Es Junio! Excelante!
Post on 6/05/02 by Transmetal
Another month! This particular month, June, heralds the end of school! BOO YEA!!! So... Umm... Not much new here at the moment. Kain will be along ANY second now with Insert War 5... Any second now... Ummmm... Well... Maybe not this moment. But we have another animation by BarbieBoy that has been posted in the Media section. Check it out! And don't forget to study for finals! Remember it, then go play videogames.