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July 2002

Progress Update
Post on 7/17/02 by Transmetal
Hey, Transmetal here to give you an update on how things are going with us staff members who even bother to work... Ahem... Insert Name Here War episode 7 is currently undergoing writing by Kain... The poor thing... He also may or may not be doing reviews. We'll know soon. I myself am currently working on 3 gamecube reviews. That's right, three. And I'm almost done writing 23.4, another series of stories. These stories will be posted on the site once we're finished with the Insert Name Here War. Oh, and today we have a history lesson from Cheesyboy. That's right. Cheesyboy is here to tell us how it really is, how it really happened. In this case, it's all about Moses, and how he freed the people from Egypt... Sort of... And last but not least, Jabox4 and Kain have a little special something they're working on... More details soon...
Independence Day? Huh?
Post on 7/06/02 by Transmetal
Wait, was Independence Day really 2 days ago? Oh... Um, well. In honor of this holiday that I completely forgot about, I have uploaded the 6th episode of Insert Name Here War. This episode is a whole episode. It's not a multipart extravaganza like the previous two. Oh, and Kain appoligizes for the general wierdness of Episode 5. Ha, I've written worse and I STILL don't appoligize! And in an unrelated subject, the staff members came over to Transmetal's house to hang out and eat junk food. After a little incident involving a burning hot sun, a magnifying glass, and a plastic army man, his parents have made sure that Barbie Boy is no longer allowed into their house. Lol.
Grape Koolaid
Post on 7/03/02 by Transmetal
Oops, I archived the news, then promptly forgot about putting in this news update. No, wait, I remembered. I was just too lazy to do it. I'll just slip this one in before Kain realizes what happened... heheheheh... Ok, lots of people have come up to me, asking me what the hell the plot of Insert Name Here War was. So many, in fact, that I decided to go in and try to figure it out myself. Quite frankly, I didn't understand it either till about a week ago. In order to simplify this down for ya'all, I wrote up a "recap" episode. Trust me, just read the thing. Insert Name Here War episode 6 is also in the works, I have about a page left to write. It'll be uploaded by the end of the week. Oh, and since it's a new month we have a new "Game of the Month" and "Pic of the Month". Hmmmm... Is it just me, or are they both Sega games? And lastly, in case you hadn't noticed, the last part of Insert War Episode 5 has been uploaded.