An IM "Away" Message

--Biblical Porportions--

Written by: Cheesy Boy

     "I have work of biblical proportions due so, excuse me."

     "I have always liked the world biblical, it's a profound word."

     "Wait, you confuse me, are you a voice in my head or not?"

     "Burn the people"


     "I said that I'm real."

     "Are you trying to trick me into killing again?"

     "No, that was voice #00652, and I'm real. Kill all of them!"

     "You are trying to make me kill a biblical amount of people aren't you!?"

     "Cheesyboy, this is God. I won't let you say biblical again, you have said it 653 time today."

     "That's a biblical amount of times."

     "That's it, you're getting a God brand of smitting fucker."

     "You mean a biblical amount of smi..."



CheesyBoy is busy being a mound of smouldering ashes right now, try again later.