Silver and Blood

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Showcasing Quantum Human's Ridiculous Lack of Artistic Talent Since 2003


Quick-witted and perpetually sarcastic, Zander is the very first character we met, back in strip #1. According to him, he fell asleep in his calculus class, only to wake up in an unfamiliar meadow. He is rarely serious and often abrasive, but he has the skill and muscle to hold his own in any fight.
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In a word, Aaron is vain. He's arrogant, self-absorbed, egocentric, and a whole slew of other such adjectives. He takes offense at any slight to his appearance or his character, and is very quick to anger. He's not quite as bright as Zander, but he makes up for it with his fierce loyalty to his friends and his impressive swordsmanship. In spite of all his faults, he's a good guy. Just don't insult his hair.

Emily is a brilliant doctor at Redgrove Hospital. She came into the story when Zander brought a comatose Aaron in after their battle. Emily is empathic, logical, and solid. In spite of herself, she's often skeptical of anything even slightly out of the ordinary. Even she may not be enough to keep the others in check, though.
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Much cooler and more stable than the other male characters, Evan is still a forceful fighter, of a more technical breed than the average tavern brawler. He's an intellectual as much as he is a warrior, following the violent path by choice rather than by necessity. He can be hotheaded at times, but he usually has a slow burning fuse. Once he explodes, he's the wind of death.
Silver Dragon