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March 2003

Game Review
Post on 3/28/2003 by Transmetal

Heyyyyyyyyyyyooooooooooo. It's a me! Mario! Well, not really. I'm actually Transmetal. Why am I so hyper?! I just finished reviewing a game! But this game isn't like other's I've reviewed... Nooooo... It's different. It actually sorta SUCKS. I haven't had the chance to review a bad game yet, thanks to a rather good sense of intuition (or luck). So here ya go, my review for Beast Wars: Transformers by Hasbro Interactive. Enjoy the suckiness!

Rants and Raves
Post on 3/21/2003 by Wolfbane

It has been a long time since I have updated, and with good reason. I have much better things to do than be exposed to these idiots day in and day out. In my various experiences in the real world (The world which Cheesy and friends could only hope to experience) I have found the world to be full of many things. Among them Stupid Arcade Managers and Kazza. Also of note, is that Transmetal's Sketch Pad has been updated. And yes, there may be a war going on, but that's not our job to cover or discuss. If you want to whine and bitch about these sorts of things, go somewhere else. We're hear to do something else besides dealing with politics.

Alright, so the Ameoba Party idea fell threw
Post on 3/20/2003 by Cheesy Boy

Hi, as all of you probably know war was declared today. I'm not in what people call "the mood" to talk about it. So fuck it.

Sorry that my update's aren't as "meaty" as others, but hey, I don't care. Good news is I wrote a new Cheese interview. I haven't done one in a while so I thought I should write one. Here. Just in case you cared.

Alright, so no one joined the Ameoba Party, but hey, I tried. But it is better to have (kind of) tried and failed then never of have made a complete idiot/ass out of yourself.


The End is Near
Post on 3/13/2003 by Chaos

What is this? Some kind of sick joke? The Ameoba party? HA! Cheesy Boy, you truly are a simp. Kain has been gone too long. I think it's time to liven things up a bit to make him come back. In one month, Blue Score will rise. And on that time, we, the staff of Blue Score, will declare war on the insignificant staff of the original site! We have dubbed these fools, The Kain Faction. Come quickly Kain, if you value your site. World Domination begins soon.

The Ameoba Party
Post on 3/11/2003 by Cheesy Boy

Hey. I have put up a new away Message called Murder with a side of mystery. Just in case you cared.

But I have even more important news! Waaaaaaaa? More important then an away message you say? Yes, I do say! It's here I am declaring I am starting my schools first and only political party! We will take over the student council and change the school m to the Ameoba.

Think about it. The Ameoba has no brain - nucleuses don't count - no spine, and no defined shape or form. It is the PERFECT mascot for any public school.

PS - the other Domain Kain staff member's don't know it yet, but they will be part of my political party. So it's hush hush until I give the okay, okay? Sweet.

Ta ta.

Three Men, a Body, and a Sausage Hut
Post on 3/6/2003 by Transmetal

Greeeeeeeeeeeetings. I am here, yet not here. Well, I'm actually leaving in about an hour for Massachussets. This is my latest effort to avoid the painful death of being mauled by an Ostriche's shard claws. Fear not, I shall return in short time. Before I leave, I felt it neccessary to toss up the link to the third part of Kain's Journal of a Tourtured Soul. The name of this new episode is... uhhh... Three Men, a Body, and a Sausage Hut. I honestly have no idea how he though that up. Personal experience? Well, that's something to expand upon another day. It is time for me to take leave of these 1's and 0's! If you get the chance, visit The Animatrix. These animated shorts (come on, you know I love animation!) show little bits of the story surrounding the Matrix movies. I enjoy these a great deal, enough that I plan on buying the DVD (versus downloading it off the net) when it comes out. Well, that's all for now. Enjoy!

Did something happen?
Post on 3/2/2003 by Transmetal

HeyOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Whazzup?! Did I miss anything? I heard that stuff was happening, but when I come back all I see is some annual update by Kain. Phut... Err... How do I type that? Phooey. Yeah. Some people were asking me about my... uhhh... well... what I was doing over my leave of abscence. I am most likely the first web editor to date an Ostrich on the planet! Muwahaha! And uhh... the aftermath of that... well... I'm being stalked by multiple Ostrich stalkers, all trained as Navy Seals.

Regarding updates? Well now... Now we have a new away message entitled "Away!!!". All of february's updates have been logged, and we have new pictures / awards. Crap, the Ostriches have found me!!!! RUUUUUUUN!!!!

A New Day, A New Year
Post on 2/24/2003 by Kain

A new day has come. Domain Kain's second year starts today. Although I am still on vacation, I have made a secret update from an unknown computer. I have seen Shadow's plees on various sites, but I knew Wolfbane and he could handle it. I promise I will return soon. I will give one hint as to where I am. Think "silent assasin". Goodbye, and may Domain Kain have another great year. Sayonara.