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January 2004

Post on 1/22/2004 by Transmetal

Is Transmetal deserving of a bitch slap for failling to update recently? Probably, yeah... What can you say when your only excuse is mid-terms and Chrono Trigger? Anyway, today we have two new pieces. First, another story by Spotlite (he sent it to me more than a month ago... I just kept forgetting to put it up) called Sole Katti. The other is a special set of rules I created for our Halo tournaments, called Ten Commandments of Halo. Heed them well, and you shall have succesful 16 player Slayer matches. Over and out, enjoy.

Happy Sunday
Post on 1/11/2004 by Quantum Human

Abandoning the stylistic greet-and-exit for now. It's Sunday, and you know what that means - NOTHING! As in nothing to do. Things have been slow around here lately, though Spotlite keeps churning out vaguely disturbing stories and I keep putting up comics. Which, by the way, I've only had one single comment on so far. Note to all three readers of Silver and Blood: get off your ass and send me stuff. There's a link on the comics page. Click it. Type in the box that pops up. Send it to me. Okay, enough rant.

Oh, and I also threw up a new media doodle thing that was the result of a half hour playing with filters in Photoshop. Have fun.

And we're back
Post on 1/8/2004 by Transmetal

First content update of the year... is now... I guess.... Today we have Biosoldier's Life Sanctity staring Bio & Jabox4 in an adventure through time... space... and cheese doodles. Yup, it's one of those stories. Also today we have Spotlite's She Stood, which is some story about swords and shit. I guess. I think it's serious... Well, go read it yourself dammit! I'm off to play some more Chrono Trigger and other reviewable games. Enjoy!

Happy New Year
Post on 1/5/2004 by Transmetal

Does anyone know what day it is today? No? Well, let me enlighten you. Today is the 5th of January. Ha! You thought I had some special holiday I meant to tell you about, didn't you? Well, I don't! I come to tell you that post-holiday we will most likely continue to slack, until such time we deem fit to actually do work. Ironically, it appears that the less work we do, the less hate mail we recieve. Speaking of which, we have perhaps the strongest piece of hate mail... whose writer, in turn, was tottaly SHUT DOWN by our own Shizuka. Congratulations Mr.Hardcoar, on being nominated "bitch of the month until Jabox4 gives us a new quote". Enjoy that, and the new pic / game of the month. Bye!

January 2nd... Know it well.
Post on 1/2/2004 by Kain

Does anyone know what day it is today? No? Well, let me enlighten you. Today is a special day for my religion. It is the Day of Death. Happy Day of Death everyone. Former traditions from a long time ago says I'm supposed to murder someone on the eve of this night, but that tradition is dead. Oh well. Instead, I'll get drunk and live it up...without the getting drunk part...or the "living it up" part. I'll just sharpen my sword and practice a bit. I'll be ready for next year...(insert evil laugh here).