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December 2003

Son of a...
Post on 12/21/2003 by Quantum Human

Finished my Christmas story. Figured I should probably do one, even though I'll be doing a Christmas comic too... ah, well. It kind of turned into a bloodbath, too. That seems to happen a lot. Anyways, here's The Night Before Christmas Episode II.

In other news, I'm fscking sick and have been reading way too much Little Gamers.

Post on 12/20/2003 by Transmetal

Hmm... I WAS supposed to put up those awards up yesterday. Well, to cover my butt, I put in a fake update for friday. Let's just PRETEND that I put the Domain Kain Videogame Awards winners up on time. Ok? Thank you.

In order to bribe you into forgetting this minor lapse, I have also uploaded two stories. Being winter and all, there's a certain... theme you'll notice in them. Spotlite's Snowday deals with... suprise! A snow day. Transmetal's Eggnog deals with a very important issue, what happens when someone drugs your eggnog at a party. Enjoy!

All hail vacation
Post on 12/20/2003 by Quantum Human

Subakh ul kuhar.

'Tis the season to be pretty damn bored, but at least we're on vacation. The DK staffers are working hard on holiday stories and such things to please all you viewers out there... yes, all seven of you. And looky here, Trans didn't post the VG Awards. Which raises the question... did anyone actually expect him to? If you did, you don't know him very well. He might have them up by next year. Might. In other news, kittens: aren't they just fluffy wuffy adorable?

(Sorry, Scott.)

Bi-lar kaifa.

Post on 12/19/2003 by Transmetal

After several months, the Domain Kain Videogame Awards have been finished, posted, and awarded. Get at 'em!

Tis the season...
Post on 12/15/2003 by Transmetal

Funion Dip Yoqza

That actually doesn't mean anything in any language. Well, Tis the season to drink eggnog, as I always say. Today's update begins with the seasonal thing, a Domain Kain Xmas Picture Book. It's a picture book, about Christmas. Happy? We also have two new Spotlite stories entitled Fun at the Mall and Skipping Out. Oh yeah, and some new Fan Mail. Not hate mail mind you, but FAN mail. The big update for tonight is the next chapter in "The Pilgrimage" by CheesyBoy. In respect to this, he has a little something to say:

I'm sorry that it took so long to make and put up. Or at least I would if I didn't hate you all with a passion that has lasted long past my expectations.

ALSO a slight edit now, occuring about 2 hours after I first posted. We finally have ALL THE NOMINEES UP FOR THE DOMAIN KAIN GAME AWARDS. Read 'em now. I'm gonna put up all the winners by friday.

More news about pizza
Post on 12/13/2003 by Quantum Human

Subakh ul kuhar.

I have two short announcements today. First, our good friend-y thing Spotlite has written a new story, Day of Domain. Cut him some goddamn slack on it, because he wrote it sometime very very early this morning. And bear in mind that this was after the Pizza Hut fiasco, where myself, Spotlite, Barbie Boy, Trans, and about sixty other people invaded and basically trashed the place.

Secondly, I've decided that the newly created sprite comic will move on a trial basis to a five-day-a-week update schedule. In other words, sometime every weekday there will be a new comic. No guarantees on what time, but before midnight at least. This means several things: (1) It's now an official project. (2) Staff members and readers alike are now allowed to bitch at me if I miss a day. (3) There might be an actual story. (4) I need some damn feedback.

Bi-lar kaifa.

Post on 12/12/2003 by Quantum Human

Subakh ul kuhar.

In other words, rock on. The transfer to Pro has been apparently completed, thus meaning we have all sorts of new gadgets and stuff to play with. More space, more bandwidth, more doohickeys... I love doohickeys. Doesn't everyone love doohickeys? They're right up there with whatsits and veeblefetzers. Enough dumb for tonight, though. This also means that our illustrious leader may now be reached a That's if you want to talk directly to him. Other helpful contacts will be coming soon.

And in tonight's news, Pizza Hut made Spotlite and I wait an hour and forty-five minutes to get our damn pizza. Thatnkfully, they didn't charge us for it after that.

Bi-lar kaifa.

How it SHOULD have happened
Post on 12/11/2003 by Transmetal

While I am by no means an expert on classic literature, I took it upon myself to interpert Tolkein's epic "The Lord of the Rings"... and re-write it. You'll notice some minor changes, in that unlike the 1 million + pages the original one was, this one fits nicely into two. That, and I only use about 4 characters. Ah heck, here it is The Lord of the Rings: How it SHOULD Have Been. Also worthy of mention is Quantum Human's Bronte With Extra Cheese, a twist on "Jane Eyre".

Next subject, NEW COMIC SERIES! Quantum Human was so bored that he made a new comic series called Yet Another Goddamn Sprite Comic. He already has freaking 10+ of them up. That must be some sort of record. We here at Domain Kain don't tend to have that much motivation, but hey. More power to him!

What else... Oh yeah, Letters page is updated, with an archive to help with the influx of hate mail we're receiving. Hey, keep it coming. Hate mail is better than no mail, I always say. And... Shoot... I know I'm forgetting something... Oh right! We have a here a collection of the Worst the Worst College Essays... Ever. Revel in their craptulance.

A little bit of shamelss promotion, go visit Gundam Parody #3 for a bit of Domain Kain holiday spirit. It's an oldie, but a goodie. Well, I'm off for tonight. I'll come back some time and blab about our future projects (which as we know, RARELY come to fruition). Enjoy!

Good news and odd news
Post on 12/10/2003 by Quantum Human

Subakh ul kuhar. Tripod's begin transferring us to their Pro service, which means that the URL is now active at least in our part of the world, and should be everywhere soon if not already. They haven't, however, done a lot of the rest of the stuff, like upping our bandwidth and storage. If that's not done tomorrow, I'll be bitching at them. Meanwhile, I've been... well, pathetically bored today, to the point that I've decided to start making comics. (Ahh, sprite comics, the saving grace of the artistically retarded.) I just basically started writing stuff. At this point I have no idea where the story is going or even if I'm just going to get sick of it in a week and forget about it. We'll see. Bi-lar kaifa.

A milestone
Post on 12/09/2003 by Quantum Human

Subakh ul kuhar. Just an informational note: this site is upgrading to Tripod Pro, which for the reader means that we'll soon be available at As for now, the site may or may not be updated or accessible at the new domain for an unspecified amount of time as Tripod sets up everything they need to. I don't know quite how Tripod handles it, but here we go. Bi-lar kaifa.

Sweet leaping jesus he's back!
Post on 12/08/2003 by BioSoldier

Well it seems as though I have Transmetal to thank for putting up my profile...but I'm not gonna. I've been thinking and seriously considering on writing some more stories but I am having quite the hard time trying to figure out what the hell to write about. I also thought of doing illustrations like anime and stuff. You got any goddamn ideas? Then tell me, in the meantime Kain is probably going to continue to use me as cannonfodder, "CURSE YOU KAIN! CURSE YOU!"

Use the force, dammit! (redux)
By Quantum Human on 12/08/2003

Subakh ul kuhar.

Hm... well, you see, I made a news post earlier... and then it disappeared into the ether when Bio overwrote this file. Damn you, Internet... damn you. Anyways, the general gist of it was that Transmetal is a slacker, running things over with Suburbans is fun, action figures and wooden idols cannot save a shitty physics project, I'm going to the dark side and buying a PS2 (sorry, Nintendo, but GOD DAMMIT I NEED MY DDR FIX!!!), and I posted a bunch more game reviews over the course of the weekend. Chrono Trigger, ET, Moonwalker, and DDR Konamix... think that's it. That's all for now, except to note that Transmetal and I will be performing Bronte with Extra Cheese tomorrow morning.

Bi-lar kaifa.

Minor profile update...ness!
By Transmetal on 12/08/2003

Hiya all! I put up a few more profilies (wolfbane's and biosoldier's). Speaking of wolfbane, he was pissed aboutls section. I'm off!! Not willingly though... *mutters something about family event*

December Days
By Quantum Human on 12/01/2003

Subakh ul kuhar.

Transmetal's running around doing all sorts of stuff, so here's a fun little update to tide you over. 1 Dec brings several changes to the site: Trans is revamping the Staff page at the moment, which should be up soon. Obviously, since it's a new month, there's a new Picture of the Month (digitalblasphemy's Pyre) and a new Game of the Month (UbiSoft's Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, GCN - PS2 - XBOX - PC - GBA - toaster oven - everything else). Shizuka has added a few new pieces of mail (that boy is going to start getting death threats soon). Kain told me this afternoon he was working on a collaborative piece with Transmetal along with one of his own, so those should be coming soon. I don't know about you, but I'm eagerly awaiting the next installment in Cheese's Pilgrimage. December will be a busy month for all of us here at Domain Kain. Well... except for Barbie Boy... he's just being lazy. Ah, well.

Bi-lar kaifa.

Hiya all of you readers out there in the ether of cyberspace, it's your neighborhood Transmetal speaking. Yes, I said ether. I have indeed been going around, trying to make up for my abscense over Thanksgiving week. We have entirely revamped the staff section, trying to give more detail into each staff member. Also, notice how ALL staff members are now listed (we left out a few last time). What else... Oh yeah. The Game Awards has been updated with another nominee. Man, this IS taking a while. I promise you, however, that we are approaching the end of the nominees. Once that is out of the way, all of the awards will be announced in one fell swoop. Yea! Well, I'm off to do... stuff. Enjoy!