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April 2004

Sanity down the toliet...
Post on 4/26/2004 by Transmetal

While we here at Domain Kain usually make it a policy of not giving away stuff about our actual persons, I feel it has become a neccesity to explain what the hell is going on. Personally, my sanity is slipping down the toliet. I have less than 6 weeks of public high school left, and for some reason that's causing me to lose all forms of motivation. Call it Senioridus if you will. Regardless, I managed to scrap a random story together so I don't feel too guilty about leaving this site unattended for too long. Read it here. Enjoy!

Pansy bastard...
Post on 4/11/2004 by Quantum Human

Someone please give me inspiration...

With the whining done, there WILL be a comic up tomorrow. I'll force myself to do it, even if I don't think of something perfect, it will be up. Page, you have my permission to lynch me if I don't do it. That's all.

Edit on 21: Sorry about lack of updates again. This time I have a reason. I'm working on a short series of comics titled Apotheosis that I'll put up when all are done.

The Day of BOO
Post on 4/9/2004 by Transmetal

Let it be written, let it be known, today is a unique oppurtunity for the world to celebrate a special holiday. The holiday that is simply known as the day of BOO. The day of BOO is... I don't really know what it is, but it involves a "month of BOO", thus the pic of the month. Well, lets just hope Cheesy Boy remebers to update the Pilgrimage... soon...

So, about the BOO day updates! We have two stories from Spotlite, and one from a guest (named... apparently... Spaz). The ones by Spotlite are entitled It Started Simple and The Monkey Incident. The one by Spaz is called Blackout.

Before I leave, just so you're away Kain is continuing his work on "The Prophecy" (he is currently on ch 9), as well as "Team Kill" (ch 5). We don't know what's going on with "The Pilgrimage", but we hope it gets updated soon. So, enjoy!